Give your dogs a safer way to have fun under the sun with pet-friendly artificial turf for pets in Seattle! Canines love playing on a natural lawn. Unfortunately, grass exposes them to fleas and ticks, toxins, and other common hazards. Pet-friendly turf offers the best qualities of real grass while protecting your dog’s health every time they run outdoors for some playtime.

3 Health Benefits of Pet Turf

A natural lawn exposes dogs to health risks that pet owners may not be aware of. For instance, annoying grass burrs that stick to clothing can seriously hurt a dog’s paws. Most issues like this can be eliminated when you install synthetic grass in Seattle. Other health benefits offered by pet turf for dogs include:

  1. Reduced exposure to toxins

Dogs are extremely sensitive to lawn chemicals, such as fertilizers, weedicides and pesticides. Too much exposure can make them ill. You never need to use such toxic materials to keep your artificial yard lush and green. This means you can let your dog play to their heart’s content outside without worrying about exposing them to toxic solutions.

  1. Lower risk of pest infestations

Fleas and ticks thrive in moist, shady soil and overgrown weeds —conditions commonly found on natural lawns. None of these are present in pet turf. Artificial grass reduces the probability of your dog getting infested with these insects. It also helps keep your home clean from these pests, which can easily transfer from pets to furniture. It’s often impossible to get rid of them completely once they’ve established themselves indoors.

  1. Decreased weed-related incidents

Some types of weeds are poisonous to dogs. Unfortunately, they can be hard to identify and control among real grass. Artificial grass experts in Seattle can help you solve this problem by installing a weed barrier underneath the turf layer, significantly reducing weed growth.

Benefits for Pet Owners

On top of these health benefits for pets, synthetic turf also simplifies pet ownership. Some advantages pet owners can look forward to are:

  • Easy clean-up

Pet-friendly artificial turf for pets in Seattle is designed with a porous backing that quickly drains urine off the surface. Just rinse the affected spot with some water and mild soap, and you will have an odor-free and sanitary yard in no time.

  • Durable surface

Say goodbye to holes and dips in your lawn created by enthusiastic diggers! Pet turf is extremely resilient to high amounts of activity and foot traffic, and these include the antics of excited dogs. No matter how long or how rough your dog plays outside, you’ll have a perfectly smooth and even lawn at the end of the day.

  • Realistic look and feel

Dogs will find it impossible to tell synthetic turf from the real thing. Top-quality artificial grass for pets mimics the soft and lush quality of a natural lawn, as well as its vibrant green shades.

Give Your Pets the Lawn They Deserve

Pets are part of the family, and like you and your loved ones, they deserve the very best outdoor space possible. Trust Seattle Artificial Grass Experts for quality artificial grass products and installation for your yard. Call us today at 206-687-4732 to learn more about pet-friendly turf and get your project started!