No, dog pee won’t make synthetic turf stink. Artificial grass for dogs in Seattle has several features in place to make sure the surface remains clean and odor-free, no matter how many times your pooch goes potty on it. Let’s take a closer look at each one:

The Drainage System

Artificial grass for dogs in Seattle features a drainage system that channels the urine away from the turf, so it never stays on the surface for long. 

The Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Part of what makes dog urine stink is the bacteria that it breeds. To counter this, the best synthetic turf for pets in Seattle has an anti-bacterial coating that stops bacteria build-up right in its tracks.

The Waterproof Backing and Synthetic Turf Fibers

The soil underneath natural grass is extremely absorbent. It essentially traps urine, which makes it incredibly difficult to remove bad odor once it sets in.

In contrast, almost every part of a synthetic turf system is waterproof. It doesn’t hold on to moisture, which means the urine has no place to go but down through the porous backing and into the drainage system.

The Deodorizing Infill

You can also choose a special deodorizing infill to boost your turf’s odor-fighting features. This infill works to neutralize smells as they occur, which means your pet’s turf will always be free from odor – no matter how many accidents occur.

The Easy Clean-Up

Finally, here’s the most important element of odor-free artificial turf for pets in Seattle: maintenance. Artificial grass for dogs requires a bit more upkeep than regular synthetic turf, simply because it comes into contact with pet waste every day. Don’t worry, because it’s a breeze to stay on top of synthetic grass maintenance:

  1. Hose down your dog’s potty spot as soon as you can, ideally after they’re done. 
  1. Has the urine sat for a day or two? Again, hose it down as well as you can. Then, wash the area with a combo of mild soap and water. Rinse it out and leave it to dry before allowing your pet to use it again.
  1. Try using pet enzyme cleaners or vinegar to break down and remove any lingering odor.

FAQs About Synthetic Turf for Dogs

Q: Can dogs poop and pee on synthetic turf?

A: Absolutely. Dogs can use synthetic grass just as they would a natural lawn and that includes doing their business outside.

Q: Will dog pee ruin artificial grass?

A: No, pet urine cannot kill synthetic turf. Your lawn will stay nice and green after we install synthetic grass in Seattle  – regardless of what your dog leaves behind.

Q: Is synthetic turf safe for pets?

A: Yes, pet-friendly artificial grass is made to be safe for dogs and other pets. It contains no harmful chemicals or materials and is toxin-free.

Q: Can artificial turf get rid of pet urine odor?

A: Yes, synthetic turf can help to get rid of pet urine odor. The turf’s drainage system, artificial turf fibers and backing, anti-bacterial coating and special deodorizing infill all work together to neutralize unpleasant smells.

Q: How often should you clean artificial grass for dogs?

A: You should clean artificial grass for dogs as soon as possible after an accident. This reduces the chances of smell and bacteria build-up. If you have a busy schedule, it’s a good idea to designate a specific potty space for your pet. This way, you only have to maintain a small area instead of your entire lawn.

Enjoy a Clean and Pet-Friendly Outdoor Space with Artificial Grass!

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