Dogs can wreak havoc on beautiful lawns. In their excitement to spend time outside, your adorable canine companion can tear up the grass, dig hazardous holes and cause dead patches with their urine. You can’t blame your dogs from being themselves, but it’s exhausting to stay on top of the yard damage, too. For a permanent solution, replace your live lawn with artificial turf for pets in Seattle! It instantly eliminates some of the biggest lawn problems that plague pet owners today.

3 Lawn Problems Solved by Artificial Grass

As long as you have a natural lawn, you can’t stop dealing with the damage that naturally happens when dogs and backyards mix. You can’t prevent your dog from going outside either— getting sun and fresh air keeps them healthy and happy.

With artificial grass for dogs in Seattle, you don’t have to choose between the two. You can now enjoy a lush, perfectly-manicured lawn all year long with worrying every time your dog goes out the door. Say goodbye to these issues:

1. Urine Spotting

If your dog goes potty on your backyard, you may have noticed dead or brown patches of grass in areas thye use the most. This damage is called urine spotting or lawn burn. The high nitrogen content of dog urine is harmful to grass and will eventually kill it through constant exposure.

Turf is not alive, and it’s impervious to the effects of dog urine. To eliminate bad odors, simply rinse with a mild soap solution and let the efficient drainage layer take care of the rest. It doesn’t matter how many times your dog goes to the bathroom in the yard— it will always remain green and beautiful.

2. Damage from Wear and Tear

Dogs love running and dashing around the yard at full speed. Some dogs are also determined diggers and will keep digging holes in your ground for fun or to bury their bones and other treasures. Other dogs love to pull out grass and eat it. All of these activities are damaging to a natural lawn. Pretty soon, you’ll have a hole-ridden yard with worn out or dead sections where your dog plays the most.

Fortunately, artificial turf for pets in Seattle is much more durable than natural grass. Even the most active dog is no match for the tough fibers and secure edges that come from quality products and installation. Let your dog play as hard as they want, while you rest easy knowing that your gorgeous synthetic lawn is safe from any damage.

3. Toxic Materials

Finally, real grass can also be dangerous for your dog’s health. They can get sick from all the chemicals used to maintain live lawns such as fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers. Fleas and ticks that hide in the grass can latch on your pets and infest them. There’s also a wide variety of toxic plants, weeds and sharp burrs just waiting to attach to dog fur or get eaten by a curious canine.

All of these issues go away the day you install synthetic grass in Seattle. It doesn’t provide shelter for most pests, and toxic weeds and plants can’t push through the turf weed barrier. You never need to spray your yard with toxic chemicals to keep it healthy, either.

Achieve Harmony Between Pet and Lawn with Synthetic Turf

Ready to have a beautiful, safe yard that both you and your pets can enjoy? All it takes is quality products and expert installation. Call Seattle Artificial Grass Experts today at 206-687-4732 to get your project started!