For many children in Seattle, playing outside leads to stuffy noses, itchy eyes, and trouble breathing due to seasonal pollen and outdoor allergens. As a parent, school administrator, or park manager, you want the playground to be a place for carefree fun, not discomfort. Fortunately, synthetic turf offers a solution.

Unlike natural grass which harbors pollen, insects, and other allergy triggers, artificial turf playgrounds are hypoallergenic havens. When you choose synthetic turf, you create an environment where all children can play freely without reactions. Learn the many advantages artificial grass offers for your playground space.

No More Sneezing and Wheezing From Pollen Production

Grass plants release grains of pollen into the air as part of their reproductive cycle. For those with sensitivities, breathing in these microscopic particles leads to miserable allergy symptoms. Synthetic blades do not pollinate or produce any pollen whatsoever. With fake grass, you eliminate this airborne irritant from your playground once and for all.

No Need for Allergy Medications Before Playtime

Many Seattle kids need to take antihistamines daily or use nasal sprays and eye drops before outdoor play to manage their symptoms. With synthetic turf under their feet instead of biological grass, medications may not be necessary. Children can run right onto the turf and have fun with no preparation required.

Fewer Inputs Mean Fewer Allergens

A natural grass lawn requires inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, and frequent mowing. These maintenance practices introduce additional allergens and chemicals into the playground environment. However, an artificial turf field does not need these regular applications and upkeep measures. Synthetic lawns create a “cleaner” green space with fewer exposures.

No Bees, No Wheezing

Bees frequently build nests and collect pollen in areas of flowering grass. When children accidentally disturb these hives, they risk getting stung, leading to a severe allergic reaction for some. Synthetic blades do not attract bees or support their habitats. Without bees buzzing around, playgrounds can be worry-free zones.

Year-Round Accessibility and Usability

Here in Seattle, the play season for grass fields is limited. Rainy fall and winter months turn them to mud, while hot, dry summers cause natural turf to brown and die. Synthetic grass maintains its vibrant color, texture, and surface integrity through all types of inclement weather. Kids can use the play spaces no matter the season without tracking dirt and dust inside.

Built for Fun, Cushioned for Safety

Today’s artificial turf consists of soft, flexible polyethylene or nylon blades cushioned by infill materials like ground rubber. This shock-absorbent construction makes synthetic fields safer for active games, tumbling, and playground equipment use. The uniform turf surface also prevents twists and ankle injuries. You get durability with the plush feel of grass underfoot but none of the allergy issues.

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As Seattle artificial grass experts, we can plan and install a custom hypoallergenic turf playground perfectly tailored to your location. With zero pollen and reduced allergens, synthetic grass creates spaces where every child can play freely. Contact us today or call 206-687-4732 for a free quote and consultation.