Yes, you can install synthetic grass in Seattle near or around pool features like slides and springboards. If you’re going for a natural look for your pool landscape, this turf is the perfect alternative to natural grass.

Pool slides and springboards never fail to add an extra layer of enjoyment to pools. However, maintaining the flooring near them, which gets a lot of traffic and water exposure, can be challenging. Look at the benefits of synthetic turf for these spaces:

Why Install Artificial Grass Near Pool Slides?

Besides giving the area a pop of color, synthetic turf for pools offers these benefits for slides:

Easier Upkeep

If you’re already growing grass around your pool slide, you know that there are areas around the base of the feature that are hard to reach with a lawnmower or a trimmer. That’s not a problem with synthetic turf, which remains the perfect length because it doesn’t grow.

Pool slides tend to splash water around when used, leading to muddy patches in the surrounding natural grass. Synthetic turf eliminates this problem because it’s dirt-free and covers the ground completely, so it never gets muddy.

Slide Safety

Natural grass around pool slides can house hidden dangers, such as small rocks or hard, uneven ground that can lead to injuries. Synthetic grass eliminates such risks, as it provides a consistently soft and even surface.

Artificial grass also provides a firmer grip compared to wet grass or slippery concrete. It ensures sure footing for those climbing up the pool slide, reducing the risk of slips or falls.

If someone happens to slip or fall while climbing the pool slide, artificial grass provides a softer landing than compacted soil or unforgiving tiles.

Why Install Artificial Grass Near Pool Springboards?

When you install synthetic grass in Seattle around your pool springboard, you sign up for these advantages: 

Cushioning Effect

The nature of a springboard means users will be jumping and potentially falling or slipping off. 

Synthetic grass is designed to absorb and distribute shock much more efficiently than traditional flooring like pavers or concrete slabs. It lessens the impact, significantly reducing the risk of injury during a fall.

Plus, the area around your springboard is not just used for jumping. It’s often a resting area where people might sit or stand. The soft, lush texture of synthetic grass makes this a more comfortable experience, compared to rough and hot concrete or pavers.

Springboard Safety

Having a stable and secure surface when launching from the springboard is essential. Unlike natural grass or tiles, which can be slippery when wet, synthetic grass provides a non-slip surface that enhances stability for launching.

If the synthetic grass is in a contrasting color to the springboard, it could make the edge more visible, helping to avoid missteps. 

On top of that, the surface uniformity of synthetic grass ensures there are no sudden uneven spots or hidden dangers, like stones or sticks, that might cause accidents around the pool springboard area.

Level Up Your Pool Features

Upgrade your pool features the hassle-free way when you install synthetic grass in Seattle. Enhance your pool’s fun factor without the constant worry of flooring issues related to its slide or springboard. 

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