Apart from being eco-friendly and ideal for perfecting your short game, you can also customize a Seattle putting green however you like. One way to do this is by adding sand traps, a favorite among golf veterans and amateurs alike.

What are sand traps?

A sand trap is a collection of fine sand in a shallow depression. The point of the sand trap is to catch any wayward balls that veer off into it, preventing you from having to search for your ball when you miss your target.

It also adds an extra challenge to your game, because you have to avoid the sand trap while you’re trying to get your ball in the hole.

Finally, they make putting greens look more realistic, especially because you’ll find sand traps on actual golf courses in Seattle Washington and all over the world.

Sand traps come in all shapes and sizes and you can make them as deep, wide and long as you want.

Why It’s Easier to Add a Sand Trap to a Synthetic Putting Green

Sure, you can add a sand trap to a natural putting green, but can you imagine the hassle you’re going to deal with? Think mud, weeds sprouting around the sand trap, plus sand getting everywhere. Plus, you still have to maintain the grass around it or you may not be able to see your sand trap in the first place!

In contrast, it’s much easier to add and maintain a sand trap on a synthetic putting green. For one, you won’t have to keep trimming the grass around or pulling weeds from its perimeter. Got sand outside the trap? Vacuum it up and you’re good to go!

Sand Traps: To DIY or Not?

If you’re handy, you may be tempted to DIY your sand trap installation. But you also have to consider the expertise you’ll need for actually building a sand trap. It’s more than just digging into the turf and filling the hole with sand.

To do it right, you’ll need knowledge of simple land features like hills and plateaus, drainage systems and you should know how deep your bunker should be, too. Of course, you need other specialized skills too, such as knowing how to install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Sounds like a lot of work? Let the pros handle it. Not only will you save time and spare your back from digging trenches, you’ll also get the results you’re looking for in the end.

What Else Can You Add to Your Seattle Putting Green?

A sand trap is just one of many ways you can customize your putting green. Seattle synthetic putting greens are perfect for adding other features you can find on golf courses, such as:

  • Multiple holes
  • Hills and plateaus
  • Water hazards you can sink your putt into (like a pond or lake)
  • Slopes
  • Fringes
  • Areas you can hit from (such as a tee box )

The options are truly endless!

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