If you’re a backyard putting green owner, you know how great it is to have a place in your backyard where you can practice your golf game. However, some of the chemicals it needs to stay in great shape are harmful to people and the environment, not to mention expensive! If the idea of a Seattle putting green that doesn’t need costly chemicals appeals to you, then consider switching to artificial grass.

Costly Chemicals That Artificial Putting Greens Don’t Need

The chemicals below are essential in growing natural grass for golf play. Find out what they’re for and why eco-friendly synthetic turf doesn’t need them.

Plant Stimulants or Hormones

Plant stimulants increase photosynthesis, which in turn improves root development and the overall health of the turf. This can be beneficial when you’re trying to grow grass in a new area. But if you’re using artificial grass instead of natural grass, there’s no need for this type of stimulation.

Turf Growth Regulators

Turf growth regulators are used after laying down new turf as a means of keeping it from outgrowing the other plants around it. But again, this isn’t something that’s necessary with a Seattle putting green because synthetic turf doesn’t grow.


Fungicides kill fungus and other pests that could harm your golf turf. Fungi are also responsible for black spots, uneven patches, spores and other fungal issues on the green. However, if you don’t have any real turf, you won’t need them! Plus, fungicides can be harmful to humans and animals when they come in contact with them—so having them around is just a risk you don’t need to take.


Insecticides help keep insects from eating away at your green space. However if there’s no grass growing on your putting green because it’s made of artificial turf for pets in Seattle, no bugs will eat it! So you don’t need to apply insect control chemicals to keep turf-eating bugs at bay.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides prevent weeds from sprouting. They are applied before the grass grows, which is why they are called “pre-emergents.” The most common pre-emergents are chemicals that contain dithiopyr and pendimethalin. Synthetic turf installations don’t need these herbicides because they come with a weed membrane that serves the same purpose.

Post-Emergent Herbicides

Post-emergent herbicides kill weeds after they have already sprouted. Some post-emergents contain trifluralin and/or 2,4-D. The downsides of these chemicals include runoff into nearby bodies of water and potential damage to your lawn. Artificial grass doesn’t need post-emergent herbicides because weeds can’t break through it

Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle and Embrace Chemical-Free Turf Maintenance

Excided to stop using turf upkeep chemicals and cut down on your maintenance costs? With our artificial grass products for golf and installation services, you can do just that.

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