Investing in a Seattle custom putting green is a great way to improve your golf game. The synthetic turf looks and feels realistic as it’s designed to mimic the grass at club courses. It also helps to protect the environment with its sustainable design. That’s just one of the many eco-friendly reasons to have a synthetic putting green installed in your backyard today!

5 Ways Seattle Putting Green is Eco-Friendly

Knowing that your turf is eco-friendly will make you feel more at ease knowing that you are giving back to the environment. You also don’t have to worry about its ill-effects on your family and pets since artificial grass is non-toxic and non-allergenic!

Here’s how investing in synthetic putting greens helps you go green:

  1. It is made of recycled materials.

Artificial grass blades are composed of recycled plastic. This helps diminish the amount of non-biodegradables in landfills. Furthermore, the turf material can last for up to 10 years or more, so you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

  1. It does not require pesticides.

Unlike natural grass, artificial putting green turf does not require pest control solutions to stay pest- and insect-free. However, this doesn’t mean it has harsh conditions and is unsuitable for pets. Most golfing greens are made with pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Seattle, giving your pooch a soft and safe surface to play on.

  1. It does not need mowing.

Natural grass golf courses require regular mowing to have the perfect height for playing. With artificial grass, you always have the ideal turf height for playing golf. As a result, you save on mowing fuel and do not add toxic fumes to the environment. Keep your air clean and fume-free with uniformly trimmed golf grass!

  1. It does not call for regular watering.

Golf greens need regular watering to maintain consistent growth and vibrant color. A Seattle custom putting green does not need to be watered to remain in top condition. Because of this, you don’t only save on water bills but also conserve up to 56,000 gallons of water per year!

  1. It reduces trips to the golf range.

Say goodbye to driving your car every time you practice at the golf course! Save on gas with a putting green at home, while reducing your carbon monoxide emissions. If you drive a hybrid car, you can save on your electric bill as well!

Have Eco-Friendly Games with Custom Home Putting Greens

Care for the environment while having fun! Practice your short game without leaving a carbon footprint with high-quality synthetic grass.

Don’t miss out on environmentally friendly recreation in your backyard. To ensure that you have an eco-friendly putting green in your house, trust only the best artificial grass installation experts in Seattle for your project. Turn to Seattle Artificial Grass Experts. You can be assured of the following benefits when you secure our services:

  • Breathtaking golf landscapes on the first try
  • Your very own putting green paradise at a reasonable price
  • Accurate and precise ball roll
  • UV-protected fibers
  • Dirt-free turf
  • 100% Made in the USA grass

Have a short-game ready putting green in your backyard now. Call 206-687-4732 to request a FREE quote on your backyard project!