More and more people are discovering the wonders of artificial grass. Homeowners are replacing their natural grass lawns and are choosing to install synthetic grass in Seattle to keep their homes looking great. Here are some of the reasons why artificial grass has become an unstoppable trend.

Artificial grass looks great no matter what

During summer, natural grass lawns turn yellow despite being constantly watered. Come winter, real grass becomes dormant and grows slowly. Older grass leaves could die in the continuous cold and the lawn will appear brown.

This is not to say that natural grass looks awful all year long. There are also several months when the climate is conducive that natural grass looks lush and green. However, it’s not an all-year-round thing.

When you install synthetic grass in Seattle, say goodbye to these lawn problems. Artificial grass will stay lush and green whatever the weather any time of the year. Lawns always look perfect with artificial grass.

Artificial grass is made to look real

When artificial grass was new in the market, one of the main problems with it was it looks too green, too perfect. It’s easy to spot an artificial grass lawn because it looks too good to be true.

In the past decade, artificial grass technology has improved so much that manufacturers are now able to make it look less perfect. Different colors or grass blades are interwoven together to give it a more realistic appearance. Some artificial turf for pets even has brown grass blades that mimic the look of a natural grass lawn too well.

Moreover, there are lots of artificial grass blade lengths to choose from. Go for shorter pile height for that neat and freshly cut grass look. For a more luxurious look, choose artificial turf with longer pile height.

Artificial grass thrives where natural grass cannot

The truth is, there are simply spaces in our homes where natural grass could not thrive. Some examples are shaded small gardens or areas with high foot traffic. It is a challenge to grow natural grass on areas with insufficient sunlight. It is also a challenge to keep grass alive on areas frequently walked or played on. For situations like these, the best option to keep the area visually pleasing is to install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Artificial grass is virtually maintenance-free

Artificial grass experts in Seattle are not lying when they tell you artificial grass is worth it. Why? Because it is virtually maintenance-free. It takes minimal effort to keep artificial grass clean and in excellent condition.

There’s no need to water, mow or fertilize artificial grass. This saves homeowners a lot of time and effort that they can then use for other activities like home improvement projects for an even more stunning abode.

Have an Awesome Looking Lawn That Stays Awesome for a Long Time

Make the switch and join the thousands of homeowners who are now enjoying the wonders of artificial grass. It is so durable that it lasts for decades. Just imagine saving yourself from a decade’s worth of watering, mowing and fertilizing. Isn’t it a great idea? Call Seattle Artificial Grass Experts at 206-687-4732 to get a free quote!