It’s no secret that staying fit is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And if you’re struggling to stay active, why not install synthetic grass in Seattle and create a fitness area in your yard?

You can get fresh air while you exercise or have fun in your yard, and artificial grass offers the perfect flooring. It’s durable, so you can run or play without worrying about damaging it. It’s also soft, impact-absorbing and comfortable to walk on. These reduce the risks of injuries while you get your blood pumping.

Here are some fitness-focused yard ideas you can do with artificial grass:

Tennis Court

If your backyard isn’t big enough for a full-sized tennis court, try putting down artificial grass as a smaller play patch. It’ll help you practice your game or just have fun competitions with your family and friends.

Unlike real grass, artificial grass won’t break from foot traffic. It also won’t wilt, turn yellow or become dormant as the seasons change. So you can continue playing through fall and winter.

Soccer Court

Playing soccer is a great way to get in shape. But it can be hard to find enough space for a regulation-size field in your yard.

If you have artificial turf for pets in Seattle, however, you can just put up some goals and play in the backyard. You’ll be able to your enjoy your favorite sport without dealing with a ton of upkeep hassles.

Lawn Bowls

Lawn bowls are a great way to spend time with friends while staying active outdoors. It involves a lot of movements and a little bit of strategy. You can build your own lawn bowls court using artificial grass turf. So you don’t have to worry about the balls ruining your lawn.

It’s best to pick a synthetic grass product with a short pile height to ensure great ball roll quality. Most lawn bowlers also tend to prefer soft-feeling greens because it gives them more control over their shots.

Obstacle Course

If you’re looking for a way to get those heart rates up, an obstacle course is the way to go. It’ll give you plenty of opportunities for jumping, climbing and crawling through tunnels, depending on your setup.

You can create one out of natural elements like trees and rocks or build obstacles from materials like cardboard boxes. Install synthetic grass in Seattle on the ground so you won’t get scrapes or injuries while you complete the course.

Putting Green

If you’re a golfer or if you’d like to become one, installing artificial grass in your yard can help you practice your game.

Once you invest in a backyard putting green, bad weather conditions and daylight hours can no longer limit your tee times. You can play golf anytime you want. Get artificial grass for putting greens if you want a course that offers the same playability as golf course clubs.

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