Give your patio a stunning makeover when you install synthetic grass in Seattle. Aside from its lifelike beauty, artificial turf is also a breeze to maintain and durable enough to accommodate the furnishings and foot traffic common in outdoor amenities.

Is your patio not sheltered from the elements? No worries. Intense heat, rain and other harsh weather conditions are no match for synthetic turf’s sturdy surface. The material doesn’t get slippery when wet, so feel free to relax on your grass-covered patio. Secure expert synthetic turf services to maximize the material’s landscaping benefits.

Amazing Landscaping Ideas for Patios Using Synthetic Grass

Unlike its natural counterpart, artificial grass surroundings has no limits. It doesn’t need fertile soil, abundant sunlight and regular watering to stay lush and vibrant.

Professional installers can install turf on soil, wood, concrete, paving and other patio hardscapes. This opens landscaping opportunities that are difficult or impossible to pull off with natural grass. Here are some outdoor design ideas:

  • Build a synthetic putting green.

    There are three ways to accomplish this: build the green on the patio, around the patio, or through the patio. Here are some landscaping tips for each design plan:

    • On the patio – Cover a part of your patio that doesn’t get much foot traffic with synthetic turf for putting greens. Feel free to get creative with the course’s design (e.g., give it curved edges, a unique shape, etc.) to make it contribute to your patio’s visual appeal.
    • Around the patio – With the help of expert installers, surround your patio with artificial turf for putting greens. You can either get a standard strip that hugs your amenity’s paving or invest in a Seattle putting green with curved borders to soften your amenity’s hardscape.
    • Through the patio – This is a combination of the first two design ideas. It involves using a part of your patio and its borders for your putting greens. This plan not only opens various landscaping opportunities but also expands your playing field
  • Border your patio with a patterned installation.

    Reserve a significant part of your patio’s perimeter for a patterned synthetic turf installation. Thanks to the material’s versatility, you have the material cut, altered and used in combination with other artificial grass types for your landscape. Some creative edging designs are miniature checkerboard, soft waves, crisscross pattern and zigzags.

    If you have a dog that loves spending time on or around your patio, invest in artificial turf for pets in Seattle. This type of artificial grass can withstand pet antics that could leave serious damage to natural turf. It can come equipped with deodorizing infill to simplify potty clean-ups.

  • Green up the gaps between your patio’s paving.

    This works best if your patio’s flooring is made of pavers with spaces in between. The lush, green turf will soften the hardscape and make the area look more aligned with its surroundings. To avoid loose turf and uneven results, leave the installation to the experts.

Beautify Your Synthetic Grass Outdoor Spaces With Evergreen Installations

Install synthetic grass in Seattle with turf experts. Answer these questions before you get in touch with local installers to set your artificial landscape up for success.

Got other outdoor amenities besides your patio? Consider sprucing them up with vibrant synthetic grass as well. The lifelike, evergreen material can make pools, decks and porches safer and more inviting. Call Seattle Artificial Grass Experts today at 206-687-4732 for more landscaping ideas and professional installation services.