The benefits of artificial turf for pets in Seattle is too great to go unnoticed. As such, pet owners are switching from natural grass to artificial grass for their lawns. Artificial grass is not just 100% pet friendly, it’s also easy to maintain.

Make Your Lawn Pet Friendly

Deciding to install synthetic grass in Seattle is only the first step in making your lawn pet friendly. Here are a few more ideas to make your pets enjoy your lawn even more.

Provide plenty of shade

Giving pets a dedicated space to cool down eliminates their urge to dig holes. Not only that, it also stops them from hiding in spaces they are not supposed to be in. Provide pets with readily available shade and shelter so they don’t get sunburnt and avoid having a heatstroke. If trees or shrubs are not available on the lawn, consider putting up overhead tarps or cloths to provide shade on a certain area.

Give pets their personal hideaway

Pets also love spending their time alone and in peace. Provide them with a private space on the lawn where they could nap or rest. Consider adding structures like a dog house and place it away from paths.

Pets love a comfortable surface. Line the floor of the structure with high pile density artificial turf for pets in Seattle. You may choose polyethylene fiber material as it is both soft to the touch and durable.

Add a water feature

Placing a water feature within the lawn that doubles as a rehydration station for pets is ideal. Consider adding a splash fountain or a small pond within the landscape. Your pets will enjoy the water access and you will enjoy the added aesthetics.

Seattle putting green could also use an added water feature especially if it also serves as a play area for pets. There is no need to worry about pets damaging the putting green setup because artificial grass is very resilient against pet activity.

Create a playground

Dedicate a section of the lawn for play. This makes the lawn more fun especially if there are kids playing with pets. Add hardscaping features like tunnels or pipes that can be enjoyed by both kids and dogs.

Add an observation platform

Pets, especially dogs, are curious by nature. They would want to be able to see beyond the fence or observe many things from afar. Consider placing large flat rocks pets could climb when they are feeling investigative. Just make sure it is properly distanced from the fence so your pets cannot jump from it and go beyond the lawn’s boundaries.

Keep Pet-Friendly Lawns Interesting

Pets can eventually get bored with lawn setups. Change the layout from time to time to keep things interesting. Consider replacing some of the lawn features every now and then to keep your pets stimulated.

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