Synthetic grass is becoming increasingly popular in Seattle as more homeowners are looking for eco-friendly ways to meet their landscaping needs.

However, you may be unsure if you want to install synthetic grass in Seattle due to concerns of reduced durability, installation costs and other potential issues. Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons before you dive into the investment.

Pros of Artificial Grass in Seattle

  • Eco-friendly

    Let’s face it – our wet Seattle climate is not very favorable to grass. That means many homeowners spend a lot of money on mowing and chemical lawn treatments just to keep their grass green and alive. Unfortunately, both these can have serious negative effects on the immediate environment.

    Also, Seattle’s water conservation efforts have made it more important than ever to be mindful of using resources wisely.

    Artificial grass requires no chemicals, water, mowing and similar maintenance, making it a greener choice than real grass.

  • Resistant to Disease and Pests

    Synthetic grass is pest-resistant, which means Seattle homeowners can skip the hassle of spraying pesticides to keep bugs away from their grass. Additionally, it’s completely safe from common lawn diseases like dollar spot and pink patches.

    As a result, artificial turf for pets and Seattle lawns allows you to enjoy a green and healthy-looking lawn without exposing your family and furry friends to hazardous chemicals.

  • Maintaining artificial grass is easy

    Tired of constantly giving up your free time just to mow, pull up weeds and work on your yard? Never again when you go synthetic.

    Simply sweep or hose down the fibers to clean it. Which will leave your lawn looking beautiful and green all year round. Additionally, cleaning up pet waste is easier since urine drains through the turf instead of pooling on your lawn, breeding bacteria and creating foul smells.

  • Saves Money

    Seattle homeowners who want to save money they would otherwise spend on watering and mowing can install artificial grass in their yard, allowing them to enjoy spending the extra money elsewhere instead.

Cons of Artificial Grass in Seattle

  • Initially more expensive than traditional grass

    Compared to real grass, artificial grass requires a bigger upfront investment. However, synthetic turf systems pay for themselves in just a few years because you can stop spending a fortune on:

    • Lawn care services
    • Huge water bills
    • Pest and weed control
    • Equipment maintenance and repair (for mowers, strimmers, etc.)
    • Reseeding and resodding
    • Seasonal lawn maintenance

    These savings last for 10 to 20 years, which is the average lifespan of synthetic turf. Add all the energy and time you’ll save and it becomes clear why so many Seattle homeowners are making the switch.

  • Low-quality turf looks fake and cheap

    When it comes to artificial grass, you definitely get what you pay for. While it may seem tempting to save a buck by choosing the cheapest turf option, don’t expect great results. Low-quality turf looks fake and unnatural even from afar and it’s often not covered by proper labor and product warranties. Expect lots of repairs as well – even complete system failure – especially when you don’t have pros taking care of the project.

    On the other hand, the best artificial grass products look nearly identical to the real thing, complete with a soft, natural-looking blade and a mix of green hues. Some even have thatching to mimic real grass, making Seattle homeowners with artificial grass feel like they have the best of both worlds.

  • Requires infill

    Some Seattle homeowners don’t like the idea of covering their yard with infill, which is a mixture of fine-textured materials used to make synthetic turf blades more durable and feel more realistic.

    A common misconception about infill is that it’s unsafe for kids and pets to play on. The truth is, modern infill materials are 100% safe, with no toxins, allergens or carcinogens. Again, as long as you invest in the best quality products.

So, should you install synthetic grass in Seattle?

Yes, Seattle homeowners who want to enjoy a beautiful yard without all the hassles of traditional lawn have a fantastic option in artificial turf. And with our recent water conservation efforts, it’s the perfect time to embrace this resource-efficient and eco-friendly solution.

The key to preventing issues with your artificial grass installation is to work with artificial grass experts in Seattle who only use the highest-quality products. Expect ultra-realistic results with flawless workmanship and the industry’s best warranties.

In this area, that’s Seattle Artificial Grass Experts. With a track record of excellence, we are ready to help you make the switch to synthetic turf. Call us today at 206-687-4732 or fill up this form to request a free quote and get started!

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