Giving your pets the ultimate outdoor experience is a compelling reason to install artificial grass for dogs in Seattle. Synthetic turf offers a life-like, paw-friendly surface that your canine will surely enjoy. It’s also non-toxic and allergen-free, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your dog to various outdoor health hazards. Get a vibrant, evergreen lawn without the upkeep hassles that accompany the real thing!

Ideal Spots for Pet-Friendly Synthetic Turf Installations

While the flexibility of synthetic turf makes it installable anywhere in your home, it is still best maximized when used to cover outdoor spaces. Here are some of the places that will benefit the most from synthetic turf:

  • Backyard

Your backyard is the largest space where you could play with your dog, which means it’s one of the spots most exposed to foot traffic and canine shenanigans. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not break easily under constant use and rough play. It also doesn’t get damaged from determined digging and pet waste. You can let your pooch loose in your yard for as long as they want without worries!

  • Patio

Want to spend your time relaxing outdoors without leaving the shelter of your home? Install artificial grass on your patio. It will feel great underfoot and gentle on the paws during lazy downtimes. The best artificial grass experts in Seattle concur that synthetic turf on the patio would be able to provide your dog optimum comfort because of its soft-touch but durable properties.

  • Front Lawn

While front lawns are usually smaller than the backyard, they still give enough space for your pet to play in. Make it more inviting with a soft, evergreen surface. Give your canines a beautiful play space and enjoy a stunning lawn that your neighbors will surely marvel at.

  • Balcony

Houses with balconies will surely love the idea of covering its floor space with grass. Invest in high-quality artificial turf for pets in Seattle for the project. Your dog can use the miniature oasis to play with their toys, expend some of their energy and soak in the sun without going outside. Complete the setup with a small couch or armchair, so you can join your canine in enjoying the high view.

  • Poolside

Got a swimming pool? Get artificial grass pool surrounds to provide a nice take-off and landing spot for your pool users. Don’t worry about the excess water affecting the turf. Artificial grass automatically absorbs and directs it below the infill for fast drainage. Let your water-loving canine shake off water after their swim without worries. The dirt-free surface also effectively eliminates muddy spots.

Get Your Place Decked Out with Artificial Turf for Your Dog!

Synthetic turf has numerous advantages over its natural counterpart; you wouldn’t think twice to install artificial grass for dogs in Seattle. Aside from its pet-friendly properties, it also comes with the following benefits:

  • Look and feel of real grass
  • Easy to clean up
  • No need to water
  • Mud-free surface
  • Effective drainage
  • Up to 15 years warranty

For quality pet-friendly synthetic turf installations for your home, Seattle Artificial Grass Experts is the name you can trust. Call us now at 206-687-4732 to get a FREE quote!