What’s the best way to keep your golf game strong year-round? A backyard putting green where you can practice any time and as much as you want. Eco-conscious golfers have even more to love about synthetic putting greens– in several ways, artificial turf offers a greener way to enjoy the sport versus natural grass greens:

  • 1. Consume and waste less water

    Synthetic putting greens are environmentally friendly because they require less water than natural grass. This allows you to conserve water while enjoying a lush, green putting surface. On top of that, you get to pay less on your water bills, too!

  • 2. Reduce your contribution to pollution

    A Seattle putting green also doesn’t need mowing, fertilizing or pesticides – no chemicals or harmful emissions! Because of this, you won’t have to worry about pesticides and other toxins running off into storm drains when it rains. Since you won’t have to mow your lawn with gas-powered equipment, you’ll also be cutting down on the greenhouse emissions and noise pollution that come with those machines.

  • 3. Synthetic putting greens are sustainable

    The artificial material of synthetic putting greens is more durable than natural grass and will not need to be replaced as often. As a result, it consumes less water, electricity and other resources to produce.

    In addition, many top-quality putting greens are manufactured from recycled materials, which means they help reduce the amount of waste created and sent to landfills.

    Finally, common synthetic turf materials like rubber or plastics are easy to recycle at the end of their life cycle.

5 More Undeniable Benefits of a Seattle Putting Green

  • 1. Save money while enjoying the sport in the comfort of home

    Aside from being eco-friendly, another great advantage is cost: synthetic surfaces are very affordable relative to traditional golf courses in terms of how much you’ll save on fees— even considering the initial investment when you install synthetic grass in Seattle.

  • 2. Install your putting green anywhere you want

    The synthetic surface is also much more forgiving than natural turf and can be installed in tight quarters or on difficult terrain like slopes without worrying about upkeep or damaging the surrounding area. No yard? No problem as well. Expert installers can work with any space to create your dream putting green, including roof decks, balconies and indoor spaces.

  • 3. Enjoy your putting green from 10 to 20 years

    A Seattle putting green typically lasts much longer than traditional grass surfaces do— so while it may cost more initially, it’s a better value in the long term.

  • 4. A safer and more accessible way to enjoy golf

    They are also great for golfers who have difficulty with traditional turf or those recovering from medical conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis that may limit their mobility and make it difficult to play on an uneven surface.

  • 5. Very little maintenance required!

    Finally, synthetic surfaces require less time to maintain than natural grass, so you can spend more of your day perfecting your short game.

Sharpen Your Short Game the Greener Way!

From their water-saving capabilities to their eco-friendly construction, we hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about how synthetic putting greens can help improve your golf experience while helping out the environment!

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