Planning to install synthetic grass in Seattle? Choosing a design for your new synthetic yard is both the hardest and most fun part of the process. Get some inspiration from these popular trends using artificial grass in Seattle, Washington!

Try These Awesome Design Trends for Your Synthetic Yard

Experience the best of outdoor living with these top trends for backyards:

  • 1. Let there be light

    Design experts say that outdoor backyards should look and feel like an extension of your home. A great way to do this is by adding lighting sources throughout the area.

    For instance, work with layers. Combine outdoor lamps with string lights and in-ground lighting to add both ambiance and functional lighting to your space. If you have the budget for it, invest in glass doors to connect your backyard and home, so you can enjoy the beautiful view even when you’re inside. To emphasize that connection, you can also install synthetic grass in Seattle to cover connecting spaces like patios and side yards.

  • 2. Fill your synthetic yard with warm and bright colors

    Bright colors like yellow, pink, orange and green are traditionally associated with warmth and life. You don’t even need to cover your entire yard with these shades to benefit from their effect— even splashes of these colors can turn an ordinary backyard into a chic one with a more energetic vibe.

    Artificial grass already has the vibrant, lush green hues taken care of, so you can focus your attention on the other colors. A few ways to execute this trend is by choosing outdoor rugs, chairs, pillows, tables and other décor in these colors.

  • 3. Try out the biophilic trend

    Biophilic design is a concept that seeks to connect a structure’s occupants to the natural environment by using nature-inspired elements.

    There are many ways to try this trend, such as installing trellis fences and wooden decks or laying square cement paving interlaced with your artificial lawn. You can also use artificial grass for accent walls, which makes it easier to try biophilic designs indoors.

  • 4. Go for experiential

    Finally, bring your backyard to life with experiential design! It’s quite simple— instead of just focusing on the way your yard looks, this trend is more about creating experiences for both you and your guests.

    Take a cue from your personality and think hard about what you enjoy. Love playing sports? How about a bocce court, a Seattle putting green or a multi-sports court? Maybe you want to turn your backyard into a retreat, so consider dedicating a space where you can meditate or practice.

    On the other hand, you may want to install an outdoor kitchen or bar if you love to entertain or cover your dog run with artificial turf for pets in Seattle if you’d like a pet-friendly yard.

Transform Your Space with the Latest Synthetic Grass Trends!

With synthetic turf, you will never run out of ideas about how to beautify your residential or commercial property. Call Seattle Artificial Grass Experts today for all things artificial grass! We can help you with:

  • Coming up with a design and concept
  • Every aspect of the installation
  • Aftercare and maintenance

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