If you want to get better at golf, you need to practice. There’s no way around it. But unless you’re a professional golfer, you’re probably not getting as much tee time as you need.

Because of this, more amateur golfers are choosing to install synthetic grass in Seattle for their backyard putting greens. Benefits include:

  • Weather-Proof Playing Surface

    With a Seattle putting green you don’t have to worry about how rain will affect the turf. First, the built-in drainage system will take care of any standing water. Therefore, no floods or puddles will stand in the way of your game.

    Unlike real grass, strong winds and rain won’t uproot the fibers. Because it rests on top of infill and not dirt, your putting green will always be free from mud. Synthetic turf is also non-slip when wet, which means you never have to stop playing, rain or shine.

  • Frees Up Your Time for Practice

    Unless you hire lawn care pros and a big budget, a natural putting green just won’t work for the average homeowner. You’re looking at never-ending mowing, fertilizing, trimming and watering just to keep your green playable. Don’t be surprised if you end up back at your local golf course just for some tee time.

    In contrast, a synthetic putting green barely requires any work. In fact, the hardest part of having one is waiting for the installers to finish the project. Other than occasionally hosing it down and brushing it up, you barely have to do anything to keep it flawless. Play any time, all the time!

  • Synthetic Putting Greens Never Sleep

    How do you feel about a round of night-time golf? With a backyard putting green, there’s literally no time limit to tee time. Just talk to your installers about outfitting the installation with lights, and you’re good to go. For example, they can install synthetic grass in your Seattle with light-up cups, spotlights on the bunkers and more.

    Aside from giving you more time to practice, it’s also a great way to socialize with friends and family at night.

  • Mix and Match Elevation

    Installers can add terrains and various elevations to make your green more challenging. They can also do this for small backyards, so you don’t have to settle for a boring .

    For instance, you can use steps as extensions for your . You can also use the natural curves of your property for added challenge. Try asking your installer to add a chipping area, sand ts, rough and fringe.

Experience the Putting Green Advantage in Seattle Homes

Aside from a more fun and challenging backyard course, a synthetic putting green offers the following advantages as well:

  • Non-toxic and allergen-free, making it safe for the whole family
  • Personalize ball acceptance and roll using synthetic grass infill
  • Can take heavy use unlike natural lawns
  • Looks fresh, green and real all year
  • No risk of lawn disease transfer from other courses

Of course, the best way to achieve your dream green is to work with artificial grass experts in Seattle. Contact our team at Seattle Artificial Grass Experts to learn more about our putting green installation services. Call us at 951-551-5129 for inquiries and to get a FREE quote!