A club house pool can be a wonderful addition to any HOA, but it can also be a maintenance nightmare unless you install synthetic grass in Seattle. For starters, think of all the mowing and watering it will need forever!

Additionally, that grass will constantly be worn down and compacted by people coming in and out of the clubhouse pool. The resulting moisture can lead to a number of issues such as mold or fungus growth on your pool deck.

And finally, real grass only looks good for so long before it starts dying off and looking bad, forcing you to reseed or add chemical fertilizer which can lead to tons of other problems.

Artificial grass in the Seattle area creates a beautiful and long-lasting solution for these issues while also giving the benefit of being able to lay it down in any shape that fits the aesthetics of your community.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with using artificial grass as opposed to real grass around a clubhouse pool:

  • 1. It requires less maintenance than natural grass.

    First, using artificial grass in the pool area will save time for club house employees. Instead of spending several hours a week tending to natural grass, they can focus on other important tasks.

    This also means that maintenance will cost less for the HOA and the savings can be passed on to members in the form of lower dues or other perks.

  • 2. No more dead grass patches due to pool treatment chemicals

    Another important reason is that pool chemicals like chlorine cannot damage synthetic turf. That means you can keep the pool clean and sanitary without discoloring the surrounding turf.

  • 3. Artificial grass will always look and feel lush around the pool.

    With real grass, the area around the pool will naturally get worn down over time due to foot traffic. In most cases, you’ll start to notice that the grass around the pool turns brown and starts to look dead.

    It doesn’t take long for this kind of wear-and-tear to happen, especially if you have many people using this area frequently throughout the day.

    Replace that delicate grass with artificial turf and the issue goes away virtually overnight. The best turf products are resistant to foot traffic, no matter how many people get in and out of your pool or hang out in the vicinity. In all likelihood, you’ll never have to worry about this kind of damage again!

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