Short-term rentals like vacation houses and condo units are now more popular than ever as more people get bitten by the traveling bug. However, just because your guests don’t stay long in your Seattle area property doesn’t mean you can neglect the yard. In fact, a beautiful lawn is a huge selling point in such a saturated short-stay market. If you want your property to stand out, install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Rental Properties

Attract more short-term guests, boost the reputation of your properties and reduce your maintenance troubles with artificial grass:

1. Artificial grass keeps short-term rentals clean throughout the year.

If you own a holiday house, you’re most likely to look for short-term renters. Hence, your lawn must be in perfect condition all year long.

Artificial grass products can keep your guest house attractive any season with minimal maintenance required. For instance, no need to shut down the place for spring cleaning or winter preparations. Did your previous guests get a little too messy? All it takes to get your yard ready for the next ones are a quick rinse and picking up loose debris.

2. It adds value to your rental property.

According to experts, installing synthetic grass can increase your property’s value by as much as 5-10% or more. In addition, the lush, green artificial ground cover offers a good impression, which makes it a great way to attract new guests.

3. Synthetic turf is ideal for guests with pets.

If you own multiple rental properties, it’s a good idea to make a few of them a pet-friendly one. Pet owners are a massive market and they prefer properties where they can bring their furry companions along.

As a property owner, however, you’re right to worry about dogs damaging a natural lawn. In fact, it’s all but guaranteed. In contrast, artificial turf for pets in Seattle is exceptionally durable. So no matter how rowdy your guests’ pet gets, your artificial lawn will remain pristine and flawless after they go home.

4. Artificial turf makes your property safer.

As a rental property owner, it is good to keep the safety of your guests in mind . Installing Washington synthetic grass will do the trick, especially for your play area or common areas. For instance, it can reduce the impact of falls and trips thanks to its soft surface. If your rental property has a pool, consider installing synthetic grass as well. Non-slip pool surrounds can reduce accidents while making your pool area look stunning.

Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle Today

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