Dogs love playing, running and rolling around in the grass. However, this can cause problems with their fur, as natural turf hides various coat-damaging hazards. Keep your canine’s coat safe from such dangers when you cover your yard with lush, evergreen artificial turf for pets in Seattle.

How Artificial Grass Protects Your Dog’s Fur From Dirt and Harm

Fur keeps dogs comfortable and insulated from the environment. It protects them from the heat in the summer and keeps them warm in winter, so it must be kept in top condition all the time.

If your canine’s coat often develops issues after outdoor playtimes, then it’s likely that your yard is hiding various fur hazards. Here’s how artificial grass for dogs in Seattle eliminates such dangers:

• It does not attract ticks and fleas.

Ticks and fleas thrive in natural lawns, and it takes intensive care or even a visit to the vet to remove these pests from your pet’s fur completely. They latch on to dogs with short and long coats. Ticks and fleas love hiding in humid and shady areas, usually lurking among tall grasses, damp turf and flourishing weeds.

These conditions are not present in a synthetic lawn. Artificial grass stays short, comes equipped with an efficient drainage system to keep moisture from staying on its surface, and prevents weed growth. Rest assured that your dog won’t come indoors with ticks and fleas in tow when you go synthetic.

• It does not have grass seeds.

Sharp and tiny, grass seeds are difficult to remove from fur once they’ve latched on. They can tangle up fur, burrow under the skin, cause irritation and induce various health issues.

Keep your canine’s coat free of these prickly seeds with artificial grass. It doesn’t produce grass seeds, so there’s no risk of your dog coming across this danger. Burrs from plants, which can also tangle up turf and cause skin irritation, can wind up on your turf, but it’s easy to remove them. Just use a leaf blower or sweep your turf thoroughly. This is best done before you let your pooch play in your yard.

• It does not need chemical solutions.

Weedicides, herbicides and pesticides tend to linger on natural grass days after application. They may leave behind lingering traces in the air or residue among the turf. Your canine may get sick if it inhales or comes in contact with them when they spend time in your yard.

Artificial grass for pets in Seattle doesn’t require toxic chemical solutions to get rid of pests or stay healthy. It prevents weed infestations and staves off pests on its own. With proper upkeep, it’ll stay as lush and beautiful as the day of its installation.

• It is incredibly durable.

Grass blades and stains on dog fur are a common sight after playing outdoors. With a synthetic turf installation, you can make these occurrences a thing of the past. Artificial grass doesn’t stain and is tough enough to ensure pet antics like digging without breaking.

• It covers the soil completely.

At least, it will if that’s what you want to accomplish with your design. If you leave no soil uncovered with artificial grass, dirt-stained and mud-soaked fur will never be a part of your concerns again when you let your dog play in your yard. A damp coat is all your canine going to get when he rolls around in artificial grass after rain.

Besides helping keep your canine’s fur in top condition, artificial turf also offers awesome health benefits for dogs. It’s your best bet to giving your canine a pet-friendly play space without stripping your yard of grass or covering it with hardscape.

Transform Your Yard Into a Pet Haven With Top Artificial Grass Solutions

While you can install synthetic grass in Seattle on your own to save money from labor costs, it’s not the best approach for installations that get a lot of traffic like pet spaces.

The risk for costly errors is high, especially if you neither have the DIY skills and commercial-grade equipment for the job. It may also take you a while to get everything done.

Because we are well-equipped and well-experienced, our installers at Seattle Artificial Grass Experts can turn your yard into a pristine pet haven in just a matter of days. Call us now at 206-687-4732 to learn more about our installation process and synthetic turf solutions!